Evaluate.Day 2.0

Personal smart diary

and life analysis tool

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Just track your progress. Don’t forget to describe your achievements in comments to the goal.


Split your goal into smaller parts and move forward step by step.


Do you want to achieve measurable results, whether it is number of press ups or cups of coffee per day? Enter the initial and target values. Don’t forget to track your progress.


The option is similar to Numeric one, but related with countable criterion.



Write down everything that happens in your life. Logs are a great option to do that. Maintain a log for every sphere of your life, whether this is traveling, meetings, work or just daily flashbacks. Automatically issued releases will provide you with a report based on your entries.

The following can be added to each entry:

  • Your location

  • The weather in this location

  • Exact time of the entry

  • Attach the goal or criteria to characterize the entry

And a lot more

  • Setup and saving of time intervals

  • Customizable notifications

  • Modifiable order of displaying criteria, goals and logs

  • Looking through photos from all logs

  • Advanced analytics